The Little Princess

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who loves to look at foods she was a princess, but at that, she also love to look at flowers and loves to hear the birds sing, also too she had a best friend who was a princess too for another kingdom. They love to go to the garden.

One day when they were in the garden, there came an old woman. They said to her why are you here in our garden? “I am supposed to be here because this is my garden. I planted it. So, it is my garden.” The old woman said. And the little girl said “No! I planted it. It is not yours, it is my”.

Then the old lady got annoyed and curses both princesses by saying “You will pay for this” and suddenly she disappears into faint air.

Written by Amelia Moniyongor Sipor  

From Home 2 School

How amazing it is to lead your younger sister from home to school! Especially been unaware as a toddler about the difficulties associated with such responsibilities.

On Friday September 20, 2019 in Paynesville City, on the S D Cooper Road in Kpelleh Town, there were two toddlers both of them were girls and may have been between the ages 3 to 8 years. They were finding their way to school. This journey that started so happily soon begin to change flavor as the elder one begin to experience some set back in the expected outcome.

These toddlers after stepping out of their home and were on there way to school. The eldest of the two took the lead with zeal and courage while holding her younger sister hand firmly with the intention not to let her slip from her hand while they both reach their final destination successfully.

As they moved further, it was later realize by the eldest one that the younger one was not moving as expected. The younger one was rather moving slowly and was not catching up to the eldest one pace. This slow movement led to the frustration of the eldest one. She decided to leave her younger sister hand and reach on her campus as early as possible.

The eldest one did not realize what was causing the slowness of her younger sister. But the younger one was been captivated by scenes along the road. This could have been the younger on first time been on such an expedition from home along with her eldest sister to such a distance all by themselves.

The eldest one realized that “For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind”, so, after leaving her younger sister for a while she decided she needed to come back for her only sister.

It was not too long they finally found themselves at the entrance of the school campus. The patience exercise by the eldest sister soon yielded fruit and they both reach the final destination successfully

Musa Mobile Store


IMG_20181024_180034[1]On Wednesday October  24, 2018, at about 17:00 GMT on 17th St. in Sinkor we came across a paddler who identified himself as Musa. He was pitching in a unique style some cleaning and electronic materials. This was so fascinating we decided to throw few question at him.

We asked him how long have you doing this for. And Musa responded by saying ” I have been doing this for about three months. But I started with hanging these materials on my shoulder.IMG_20181024_180329  So, we asked him to have a photograph of him. He willing posted for these photo.


Learning is the Beginning of Perfection

travel Liberia

To be perfect or master of any art you need to practice, sacrifice and how to do it better.

Like the proverb goes “Practice makes your perfect”. I watched this little incident over the weekend and begin to wonder over this saying.

The you brilliant guy decided to do something that he has not practice but all because he and his fellows were from the same class of bicycle riding and the guys were proving their talents, he too decided to do something he had not learn and this was the result. He fell and broke his arm.

To be a master at any thing you must first learn it and and perfect it, before you can do it better.

H.E. EJS Wins Mo Ibrahim US $ 5M Award!

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia wins another award for her exceptional leadership and a smooth turned over of power to another democratically elected government.
Another Laureate Won

TRALA February 12, 2018, Monrovia, Liberia: The Harvard Trained Economist turned Liberia and Africa first elected female President has done it once more.

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has earned the US $ 5,000,000.00 award from the Mo Ibrahim foundation, adding to her archives of Laureate. for good leadership and exceptional performance and a smooth transition of turning over power, from one democratically elected government to another.

My Street Boutique

20180111_125335 - CopyMy Street Boutique is owned and operated by a young Liberian entrepreneur named Mohammed Konneh. This boutique is located in the intersection of Lynch and Broad Streets between LIBTELCO and DHL.

Mohammed Konneh narrated his story to Travel Liberia & Arts magazine on 12 January 2017 on Broad Street when we caught-up with him.


Mohammed started like this: It was sometimes in November precisely 22 November 2017 when I bought few items, say about two cans man spray, five belts and watches. Then we started rolling. I was moving around the streets of Monrovia and one day I came to realized that I could open my boutique known as My Street Boutique. Then I found the site that was strategic for me and my customers.

The site brought me some level of relief. My friends, I mean the guys I met on the street would help looked after my goods while I went out to do other business. We build a team together and I become successful in my hustle.

It is this business that I get my source of my life. I pay my rent, feed myself, clothes myself and even pay school fees and get medical care. The business is doing me so much well.

I am always on the block around the intersection of Broad and Lynch Streets. Whenever you get around that area and need anything for gent, just pass by and I will deliver what ever you desire or better still you can give me a call on +231-77-022-5534/88-094-9054 and I will be there with your item and in time.


The winning ticket
Is this not the God fearing?

“A new day is about to dawn for liberia. The future is now. It is time for a meaningful change, and a new day has come for Liberia,” Dr. Reeves said in his acceptance speech.
“God has sent us a new wave and we must ride it to a new destination of hope, patriotism, national service, and sacrifice, inclusiveness and integrity.”